Birmingham Websites & SEO

Whether you are looking to give your current website a bit of a ‘spruce up’, or looking to have a completely new website developed, our team specialising in web design in Birmingham is the best solution.

Our company has provided web design in Birmingham for a number of years now. This means that we truly understand how to make a good website. Our sites are not just designed to look ‘fancy’. Our sites are designed to be functional. Each and every website that we create for our clients has been expertly planned to ensure that they have the highest possible chance of converting your site visitors into paying customers.

Our web design in Birmingham process will begin with a consultation with your business. Here will we will determine the best ‘plan of attack’ for your website. We will use this initial meeting to determine what your overall goal is with your website, this could be educating consumers, making sales, or collecting contact details and generating leads. We will then go into depth on the sort of image that you wish to convey for your brand. Our experienced team will be more than happy to listen to your suggestions. This is your website after all. They will also be willing to offer their own ideas so that we can help make your website the best that it deserves to be.

We are able to design websites in a multitude of different styles. We suggest you take a look at our project profile of completed projects for web design in Birmingham to understand our unique take on websites. We have designed a multitude of professional websites (lawyers, photographers etc.), as well as small and personal websites which may not need to be as sophisticated when it comes to features, but they certainly need to look the best that they possibly can do in order to keep people visiting them. If you have a specific design style in mind then free to talk to us about it. We believe in the web designers that we have in our team. We are fairly confident that anything that they create will meet, or even exceed, your expectations.

Our company has kept up to date with all of the latest developments in the web design industry. This means that we are able to help with the following:

  • Content Management Systems or CMS for short: We want you to be able to update your website quickly and easily. This is where our CMS websites come into play. We will design a website which has an ‘easy to use’ management panel as its backbone. If you know how to use software such as Microsoft Word then you will know how to use this management panel. We will teach you how to add and change content on your website. This means that you will be able to add new pages, perhaps add a blog, or a whole host of other features.
  • If you are looking to sell products online then we will be able to set you up with an ecommerce store. The ecommerce stores that we create can easily be implemented with your payment processor. Our stores are able to cope with one or two products all the way up to many thousands of products.
  • All of the websites that we create nowadays are fully responsive. This means that they are suited for display on not only desktop and laptop computers but also on mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. This is incredibly important. Conventional websites look absolutely hideous on mobile devices and are probably one of the quickest ways in which to ‘scare’ people away from your site. Our websites look brilliant no matter which device they are displayed on. This will instantly boost the number of people landing on your website and ultimately being converted into paying customers.

When we work out your needs for your project, we will determine whether you require any special features for your website. For example; if you are a hotel or restaurant then you may require a booking form. If you have a social media presence, and this is something that we recommend, then you may wish to tie social media features into your website. The experience that our team holds in this arena means that we are able to add pretty much any feature that you desire to your website. This means that the site you end up with is going to be truly customised to your business. This will mean that you are completely unique, and businesses that stand out from the crowd are those that tend to generate the most sales in the long run.

All of the websites that we create have been designed with search engine optimization in mind. This means that our sites are going to get found in the search engines, providing you work hard on your external SEO at least. It is worth noting that we also have an SEO team at our disposal that will be able to work on that side if you wish. After all; if you are having a fantastic website designed then you will want to ensure that as many people are able to see it as possible!

All websites that our team creates will not only be completed on time, but they will also be highly affordable. We will always meet the budget that is agreed upon in your initial consultation. This means that you do not have to worry about the cost of web development spiralling out of control.

If you wish to find out more about how we can help you with web design in Birmingham, email marketing, social media, or SEO then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today. We will be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have about the services that we offer. We will also be more than happy to point you on the right road towards getting your site designed.