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Lights line the balconies. Just before dawn, families and friends gather for one last meal before the daily fast begins, and it’s customary to have street drummers to wake them up to eat and pray. NPR’s Leila Fadel made the rounds with one of those street drummers in Cairo..

The news organization confirmed the authenticity of the recording by calling a relative of one of the detained girls, who is heard on the tape reciting the relative’s phone number to an official, said Stephen Engelberg, Pro Publica’s editor in chief. The girl’s relative an aunt who lives in El Salvador confirmed to Thompson that the child and her mother had been separated at the facility. A spokesperson for the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency didn’t question the accuracy of the reporting, Engelberg said..

I got my WSI from my employer but 50% of the teachers we have at my company aren trained by us and it no problem what so ever. You need to ethier make it abundantly clear that there are better opportunities out there if they are not willing to cooperate, and that you will not/should not be bullied on the matter. I wouldn suggest litigation just yet, but if this is a reoccurring matter or if it happens again from here on out, I seek legal advice for sure..

Steam room). In stark contrast to the drably tiled sweat chambers that I’ve been to in the past, this place could have easily been transplanted directly from the Taj Mahal. I sat on a smooth parabolic bench made up of pearly white stones; their shiny surfaces imbued with otherworldly beauty.

Methods and analysis Ventura ELVO Scale (VES) comprise of four components: 1) Eye Deviation 2) Aphasia 3) Neglect 4) Obtundation, each component scoring either 1 or 0. The maximum score is 4 and minimum score is 0. The score of 1 or greater will be considered as ELVO positive.

In recent times, The Catholic News Agency or CNA reported on their website that a whole new list of 7 social sins, also known as modern sins had been drawn up by Bishop Gianfranco Girotti . For the Bishop to identify them as “modern” sins, sounds too much like the seven wonders of the world, which has been further divided into 6 sets of wonders of the world, and that list can’t be agreed upon either. I suppose the Bishop, if he lives long enough will make the 7 deadly sins of the ancient world, medieval world, modern world, natural world, underwater world and industrial world too.

Republicans suck. The problem is that democrats suck worse. Ever see the smiling kids faces loving just to get close to Hitler? Yep, he did it for das jungen. Also this. “In 1970 fewer than a third of 16 to 18 year olds were deemed to be short sighted (meaning that distant objects are blurred). Now nearly four fifths are, and even more in some urban areas.”^ These children are literally studying so hard they permanently distorting their own vision.

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