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Apparently there are about 18k housing doing AirBnb based on that document shown on the tweet. So yeah you right I don know how this helps with the issue of housing in general. I don quite understand how all the people in office don understand that the problem isn supply but they keep telling the public that it the only thing they can do.

Ron DeSantis (R Fla.), who Trump has said would make a great governor of Florida.After White House physician Ronny L. Jackson withdrew from consideration amid allegations of professional misconduct, Trump said that there was great interest in the VA position from others and that the candidates included “some very political people.”Trump suggested that a nominee with more political experience would have been better positioned to handle the kind of allegations Jackson faced.[Ronny Jackson withdraws as Trump’s nominee to lead Veterans Affairs]Miller is one of two candidates that House Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R Wis.) publicly suggested to Trump last week.

When a federal agency announces a significant new policy, it isn’t always clear what actual effects that policy will have in practice. It takes some time to sift through the language and figure out how it will apply in the real world. And, of course, many times we won’t know for sure until it has been in effect for a while and we can analyze the results.

He was emotionally and psychologically immature for his age. He also adored his sister, making him more susceptible to her manipulation. Edmonds also confessed in a way that minimized his role in the crime. This post has been corrected. See note at bottom for details. And, of course, to millions of Starfleet fanshe the chief engineer of a starship called Enterprise.

Open in new tabConclusion Analysis shows that statistically significant hemodynamic changes do occur post PED deployment, as determined by differences in the contrast transit time post PED in the distal intracranial circulation. These hemodynamic changes might be more pronounced in large and giant aneurysms. The mechanism for this is not clear, yet hemodynamic changes affecting especially the vasculature distal of the PED might shed a light at the patho physiology of the delayed parenchymal hemorrhage..

SANGER: It makes you fearful that you cannot trust the system you are running. So the brilliance of Stuxnet was that it went in and replicated it took a look at how the centrifuges underground in Iran, which were these machines that that spin at supersonic speeds how they seemed to operate normally. And so when the code went in and started speeding them up and slowing them down to destabilize them and basically make them explode, it sent false messages back up to the control room that said everything’s fine.

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